Pharmaceutical Care Conference

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Pre-conference Program 19-Feb-2018
Drug Related Problems (DRP), Classification and Applications for Practice in
Techniques for Monitoring & Evaluating the Impact of Research on Policy
Concepts and Modalities, Using Priority Setting Evidence in Making UHC
1st Day Workshops 20-Feb-2018
The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
Managing Polypharmacy in Older People
Assessment of Clinical Skills in Pharmacy Practice.
Scale Up your Medicine Information Skills
Developing an Adherence Program for Chronic Medication Use
Enhancing the Ability of Health System to Predict/Forecast
Advancing approaches and Initiatives to Ensure Healthy
2nd Day Workshops 21-Feb-2018
Leadership and Motivation in Hospital Pharmacy Team
Smart Workshop for Trainers. [Seat Full]
Interactions – How to Evaluate Clinical Relevance.
Incident Reporting: Beyond the Numbers.
Managing Conflict in Interprofessional Practice
Evidence-Informed Policymaking and the Politics of Evidence
Research and Development of Indicators to Trace the Progress on

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